DC2Vue  Referral
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Manage and Grow your referrals
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SoftwareSuccess StoryBenefits

Digitise any referral

Any incoming referral (fax, letter, email or secure messaging) can be auto imported into the pre-triage and categorisation workflow by reducing wait time.

Centralised Referral Dashboard

Real-time dashboards provides visibility of clinical effectiveness, patient safety, quality improvement and patient experience

Track & Trace Referrals

Track and trace patient referrals with a comprehensive view of patient’s medical journey and history within the one, single view.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with PAS and EMR systems via HL7 interface without having to change exiting IT infrastructure or existing systems of records.

Meet referral to treatment targets by reducing wait time 

The solution reduces the compliance risk associated with lost referrals and enhances inbound and outbound communication between referrers and the specialist care providers making the referral process more secure, time efficient and safe.

Customer Success Story

DC2Vue    platform provides a complete and integrated Triage, Community and Residential Mental Health digital solution for Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services across the Loddon Mallee Region

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Patient Benefits

+ Empowering care recipients and family members self service access to scheduling, results and reports via mobile apps

+ Leverage an integrated platform to effectively communicate with care givers, improve quality and patient outcomes

+ Connect clinicians, patients and care teams to provide streamlined services, including telehealth and collaboration at-a-distance

Clinical Benefits

+ The ability to increase the number of patients served per day with enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity

+ Revolutionary user interfaces allow clinicians to adopt fast with minimal disruptions to productivity

+ With improved data quality and analytics clinicians can make informed choices at the point-of-care

Organisational Benefits

+ Embrace Trusted Technology to secure protection, privacy, and compliance for your health data management

+ Reducing costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health

+ Helping promote legible, complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing


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Your Benefits

  • Automated referral data capture means you can eliminate re-keying and reduce manual administration staff time through an electronic process 
  • Track referrals at your fingertips and know exactly where they are in the process, when it was received and when the workflow was completed. 
  • Meet referral to treatment targets by reducing the time taken from receipt of the referral to appointments being booked
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